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Ons concept is gebouwd door een familie met een passie voor duurzaamheid, design en – uiteraard – heerlijke koffie. Wij willen graag een inspiratiebron zijn voor een groenere levensstijl met eenvoudige, maar baanbrekende innovaties.

Sjöstrand Stories

2 augustus, 2017

Danish Foodie24 is selling Sjöstrand Coffee´s products

Danish Foodie24 is selling kitchen products in their online store. There you have also been able to find Sjöstrand Coffee’s products in their range for a few weeks now.

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2 augustus, 2017

Sjöstrand Coffee´s products at Småland’s Hagelmark

Hagelmark is a family-owned company based in Älmhult in Småland selling elegant things for home decoration both online and in our store in Älmult. You can find the online store at

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18 mei, 2017

Sjöstrand Coffee’s espresso machine in Paris

We’re proud to report that Sjöstrand Coffee Concept’s espresso machine has been on sale at Cafés Pfaff in Paris for a while now. Cafés Pfaff is a French company that has been selling coffee and all things coffee-related since 1930. Sjöstrand’s machine is available at their concept store on the illustrious Avenue des Champs–Élysées in Paris.

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11 mei, 2017

Indigo Fitness Club has chosen Sjöstrand Coffee’s espresso machines

Indigo is a Swiss fitness club with gyms in several locations across the country. Indigo has chosen Sjöstrand Coffee’s espresso machines for their clubs, in order to offer the highest quality coffee to its customers.

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11 mei, 2017

Interior design shop The Kitchen

Sjöstrand Coffee’s espresso machines and coffee are now available for purchase at the interior design store Artilleriet’s shop in Gothenburg. There, Sjöstrand Coffee’s products are in the company of beautiful products in the kitchen segment.

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11 mei, 2017

Sjöstrand Coffee Concept for your business?

Are design and sustainability important to your business? Sjöstrand Coffee’s coffee machines with their classic Swedish design and mirror finish are perfect for the office. The coffee capsules are climate-smart and don’t damage the environment. Sjöstrand Coffee’s capsule is biodegradable, filled with organic coffee and is compatible with most Nespresso® machines.  

Sjöstrand Coffee takes pride in the fact that our coffee machines are used in many beautiful offices and businesses throughout Sweden, here pictured at EKLUND STOCKHOLM NEW YORK’s office in Gothenburg.  

Order your machine for your business! Choose “business account” at checkout – we ship your order within 24 hours. 

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3 april, 2017

How to look after your machine

Sjöstrand Coffee Concept has high ambitions, with a timeless design that is built to last. To keep your coffee machine working flawlessly for as long as possible, it’s important that you look after it. Here are a few simple tips to help you:

* Descale the machine a couple of times a year.

* Make sure you lift the machine’s handle so the capsule drops down into the capsule container and isn’t left in the machine.

* Empty the capsule container regularly and wash it out.

* Run one or two cups of water through the machine each day to flush out any coffee grounds in the machine.

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9 maart, 2017

Sjöstrand’s coffee – from farm to finished capsule

Our coffee is 100% organically grown. Together with a Belgian coffee roaster, we’ve developed our very own range of coffee in six different flavours. Sourced from countries including Ethiopia, India, Guatemala, Colombia and Peru, the coffee beans are roasted in Belgium to create six different blends and flavours: five Espresso and one Lungo. The coffee is then ground to perfection – for the blend and the capsule. A machine fills the capsules with the ground coffee and then seals it with a filter. Sjöstrand Coffee Concept’s capsules are biodegradable.

A good espresso needs high quality coffee and high pressure from the coffee machine. Sjöstrand Coffee Concept’s coffee machine produces a perfect espresso at the touch of a button. Our capsules are compatible with most of the Nespresso® machines on the market.

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9 maart, 2017

Winter break campaign! 10% discount on the milk frother

February is here and soon we look forward to a long-awaited winter break. Winter activities and a day on the slopes require hot chocolate! Right now we give 10% discount on the milk frother, which is perfect for quickly making a steaming hot cup of chocolate.

Hot chocolate in Sjöstrand Coffee’s milk frother

Fill the milk frother with a maximum of 3 dl of milk. Grate 2-3 tbsp organic milk chocolate and pour in the frother. Turn on the lid and start at the touch of a button. After just over a minute we have a cup of steaming hot chocolate!

Right now we offer 10% discount on the milk frother! Enter the code latte2017 at checkout. offer valid until February 28, 2017.

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9 maart, 2017

Influencer of the month – Julia Khouri

Julia is one of Sweden’s biggest lifestyle bloggers, providing insights on interiors, rural life and beauty from a farm in Björstam, south of Stockholm, where she lives with her family, her chickens and her cats. Surrounded by forest and birdsong, winding gravel roads and knotty apple trees, with the sea nearby, Julia inspires us with her pictures and writing. A wonderful blend of the white, the old, the new and the exquisite.

We’re proud to declare Julia one of Sjöstrand’s influencers because, like us, she loves interior design, sustainability, green thinking and anything that adds beauty to the world. Julia’s blog is 10 years old this year, and to celebrate we’re giving all her readers a 10% discount on a coffee machine. All you have to do is enter the code: juliak2017 at checkout.

Read Julias blog here:

Photos: Julia Khouri

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