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Sjostrand coffee Netherland

Ons concept is gebouwd door een familie met een passie voor duurzaamheid, design en – uiteraard – heerlijke koffie. Wij willen graag een inspiratiebron zijn voor een groenere levensstijl met eenvoudige, maar baanbrekende innovaties.

  • Gratis verzending bij bestellingen van meer dan 50€

Sjöstrand Coffee wants to strike a battle for sustainability

22 August 2017


Sjöstrand’s machine is designed to last a long time and to avoid getting tired of it.

Our capsules Sjöstrand Coffee’s coffee capsules are biodegradable and have the highest certification EN 13432. The capsule is made of starch and plant fibers and decomposes in 180 days in an industrial compost. If your municipality does not have industrial compost, it works perfectly well to dispose of them with the usual household waste where there will then be heat and electricity. They contain no flavourings or additives that will give the coffee more crema, just organically grown roasted and ground coffee. (Even the plastic in which wraps our capsules in the package is biodegradable)

Examples of degradation time of different materials


Apple peel 2 months

Cardboard box 6 months

Plastic bag 1-20 years

Aluminium 200-500 years

Plastic 400 years

Sjöstrand Coffee compensates for our transport via Vi Skogen. We support their activities based on planting trees in East Africa, an area hit hard by deforestation.


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